The House That Sam Built (Paperback)

The House That Sam Built (Paperback)
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Sam Maloof once exclaimed determinedly, “I want to be able to work a piece of wood into an object that contributes something beautiful and useful to everyday life.” As he demonstrated throughout his illustrious career, he had not only the will, but the creative insight to do exactly that. Maloof was the first craftsman to receive a MacArthur Fellowship, he was People Magazine’s “Hemingway Of Hardwood,” The Smithsonian Institute described him as “America’s most renowned contemporary furniture craftsman,” and despite his recognition, he hesitated to call himself an artist, but rather a modest woodworker.

This beautifully illustrated catalog chronicles the development of Maloof’s work from his earliest explorations of handcrafted furniture to 1985, exploring his achievement over those decades in a series of consonant contexts, from his relationship to the Claremont-based art community, to his leadership of the National Craft Movement.

The House That Sam Built is edited by Harold B. “Hal” Nelson, curator of American decorative arts at The Huntington, and features contributions by Jeremy Adamson, Jason T. Busch, Jonathan L. Fairbanks, and Tia Vasiliou; as well as an interview with fiber artist Kay Sekimachi.

Paperback, 192 pages, fully illustrated.