The Color Explosion

The Color Explosion
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Product Description

Trace the transformation of American culture with this excellent exhibition catalog of ephemeral nostalgia. “The Color Explosion: Nineteenth-Century American Lithography from the Jay T. Last Collection” (Oct. 2009-Feb. 2010) featured over 250 objects including advertising posters, art prints, calendars, children’s books, product labels, sales catalogs, sheet music, toys, trade cards, and a beautiful antique lithographic press. This pristine publication maps the highlights of the exhibition with over 400 full-color illustrations, a historic look at lithography’s European roots and its commercial development in America, as well as a highlight of nearly 60 key lithographic companies with detailed illustrations of their work. Also included is an overview of the technical and business aspects of lithography, with an emphasis on the processes and production of lithographic prints. Archival printmakers, bibliophiles, and lovers of historic Americana rejoice! The Color Explosion is a perfect addition for your home library, workshop, or coffee table.

Hardcover, 316 pages, 400 full-color illustrations.